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The oil that contains inside earthnut is rife, so a lot of people can squeeze peanut oil with earthnut, use a fried dish, actually this kind of fructification also can become earthnut make dried fruit, when a moment ago eating must eat less a few, can cause human body get fat otherwise, onion can treat as commonly match dish to use, and match after a few onion are being joined inside dish, can make flavour betterer, so can earthnut and onion eat together?

Can earthnut and onion eat together

Earthnut renown goober, dicotyledon, vein is netted veins, the seed has peanut skinA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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. The Ceng Jiaochang on the history is unripe beans of fruit, ground, fall pine of beautiful ginseng, be born, Cheng Shouguo, time beans of fruit of beans, fig, ground, Tang Ren. The flower grows at alimentary benefit, conduce to a prolong life, so folk says again ” peanut ” , and be known as with soya bean ” plant flesh ” , ” the meat or fish in element ” .

Onion and earthnut are having very good improvement hematic fat and hemal and healthy action, if the word of long-term edible, it is to having what fight oxidation very well. If they are alone edible, although also have respective effect, but after collocation they, the effect better

Onion contains prostate element A, obstruction of blood-vessel of the week outside can be being reduced, reduce hematic viscosity, can use at reducing blood pressure, life-giving wake head, alleviate pressure, precaution catchs a cold. In addition, onion returns freedom of the oxygen inside can cleared body base, enhance metabolic ability, fight consenescence, prevent osteoporosis, it is the sanitarian food of the old people in suiting.

Can earthnut and onion eat together

Edible is no-no:

1, onion and honey

Onion and honey cannot eat together, eat cross-eye eyeball together notLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Good, what can cause an eye is unwell, serious still can cause eye blindness.

2, onion and kelp

Onion and kelp cannot eat together, kelp inside contain richSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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iodine and calcium, onion contains oxalic acid, onion and kelp eat to form stone easily together.

Can earthnut and onion eat together

3, onion and fish

Onion and fish cannot eat together, rich protein is contained in the fish, onion and fish eat together, the oxalic acid in onion can be decomposed, destroy a fishNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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What abound in is protein, made precipitation, be digested not easily to absorb by human body.

4, onion and shrimp

Onion and shrimp cannot eat together, shrimp forms oxalic acid calcium to produce stone.