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Lotus lotus root is a lot of people prefer a kind of eating food, its nutrient effect is very pretty good, of lotus lotus root having a way also is more, for example can cold and dressed with sause, OK also make it braise in soy sauce, can put when making lotus root of lotus of braise in soy sauceLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Into other a few feed capable person, can put chop for example, can put duck flesh to wait a moment, eat lotus root of a few lotus to have the effect of very good health care body at ordinary times, we will see lotus root of braise in soy sauce piece do1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Lotus root of braise in soy sauce piece how to do

Lotus root of braise in soy sauce piece how to do


Time duck 1/4, lotus lotus root 2, sweet green 2, ginger 1, oil of anise, cassia bark, soy, candy, corn each a few


1, the duck cleans clean stripping and slicing.

2, lotus lotus root goes the head is cleaned clean, cut half again stripping and slicing.

3, sweet green is rinsed clean, dissect is broken, ginger is patted flat.

4, hot pot, next a few are oily, issue ginger and onion to explode first sweet.

5, next ducks break up fry, issue lotus root piece to continue to break up again fry.

6, join soy, candy, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Cassia bark and anise, rejoin rinses attack by surprise crosses face conflagration to be boiled, again make down fire is stewed slow.

7, when been boil, scatter again on green paragraph, have pot.

Practice 2


Advocate makings: Chop, lotus lotus root, complementary makings: Chinese prickly ash, anise, do chili, sweet leaf, rock candy, cooking wine

Lotus root of braise in soy sauce piece how to do


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Bone puts the fish out after the boil in cold water, control dry moisture content

Lotus lotus root goes cortical, section or stripping and slicing

2 spoon oil is put in boiler, chinese prickly ash is put after oil burns heat, anise, do chili, sweet leaf reachs rock candy, use small fire to fry sweet

The fragrance in waiting for boiler is put into chop to break up when saccharify of very thick ice fry moment

From boiler Bian Lin is born into cooking wine smoke add water and often smoke boil to be put into lotus lotus root to build small fire to stew about 1 hour again

Wait for the sweet leaf of chili of anise Chinese prickly ash in boiler as far as possible fish out changes medium baking temperature to receive juice Shang Zhinong is stiff about deepShanghai night net

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Half bowls when can flameout has pot

Dietotherapy action

1. Qing Dynasty heats up cool blood—Lotus lotus root is unripe with the gender cold, have effect of clear hot cool blood, can use cure to heat up pleasant of flavour of lotus root of lotus of venereal disease; much juice, right pyretic and thirsty, nosebleeding blood, haemoptysis, the person that issue blood particularly beneficial.

2. is aperient stop have diarrhoea, be good at lienal appetizing—Mucous albumen and prandial fiber are contained in lotus lotus root, can with salt of the cholic acid inside human body, the cholesterol in food and triglyceride are united in wedlock, make its from the eduction in excrement and urine, reduce fat thereby kind absorb. Lotus lotus root sends out give a kind of distinct delicate fragrance, still contain tan to pledge, it is certain to have be good at lienal stop have diarrhoea action, can stomachic, promote digest, appetizing be good at in, be beneficial to gastric accept not beautiful, inappetence person restore health.

3. beneficial blood gives birth to flesh—The nutrient value of lotus lotus root is very high, contain a lot ofthe microelement such as iron, calcium, vegetable protein, vitamin and amylaceous content are very rich also, have apparentShanghai Long Feng forum

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Benefiting gas blood, enhance action of force of human body immunity. Reason traditional Chinese medical science weighs his: “Advocate the repose in filling, increase effort. “

Lotus root of braise in soy sauce piece how to do

4. is hemostatic medicinal powder Yu—Lotus root contains many tannic acid, have contractive and hemal effect, can use hemostatic. Lotus root returns can cool blood to come loose blood, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks its are hemostatic and do not leave Yu, the dietotherapy beautiful that is pyretic blood disease is tasted. Effect advocate treat

Qing Dynasty heats up cool blood, medicinal powder Yu stops have diarrhoea, be good at lienal unripe flesh, appetizing disappear is fed, beneficial blood is hemostatic. Advocate the heat that treat lung coughs, be agitated is thirsty, lienal empty have loose bowels, inappetence reachs all sorts of blood disease.