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Tian Qixie is a kind of very common food in daily life, it fromForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Have a lot of effect personally, so people often edible, but its having a way also is to have cultured very much, 7 oyster of Tian Qixie of cold and dressed with sause, cropland are sweet Tian Qidou of boil in water for a while of silk of sea crab, potato is very good have a way, not only delicate and goluptious, the assurance that returns the can oldest rate Tian Qixie’s effect, often eat soForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Tian Qixie’s friends can understand a little, let Tian Qixie produce better effect.

Tian Qixie eats was opposite just have good effect

One, Tian Qixie of cold and dressed with sause

Advocate makings: Tian Qixie 200g

Complementary makings: Oil, salt, balm, the head of garlic, sweet green


1, sweet green, the head of garlic is abluent, mincing, tian Qixie is washedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Clean. 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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2, boil a hot water, tian Qixie is put to boil 30 seconds to control into boiler after water leaves, scoop filter water.

3, hot pot, put a few oil burns heat, put garlic Chengdu stir-fry before stewing again sweet.

4, Tian Qixie puts a bowl in, drench garlic Chengdu oil on Tian Qixie, rejoin a few balm, put salt, mix divide evenly, put chopped green onion finally, mix divide evenly can.

Tian Qixie eats was opposite just have good effect

2, cropland crab of 7 oyster sweet sea

Advocate makings: Sea crab, new field 7

Complementary makings: Oil of oil of ginger, bad news, Chao Tianjiao, vegetable

1, first debus crab chela, lest be hibernated, clean crab carapace, take out heart cheek lung.

2, put crab body in the behead on chopping block to become 4, facilitating tasty, chao Tianjiao, ginger cuts into shreds respectively.

3, have pot, edible of infuse a few is oily, put into chili silk, Jiang Si to mix one share is new cropland 7, stir-fry before stewing gives sweet smell.

4, crab is put into frying pan, add a few water, build small frowsty, let the ovary and digestive glands of the crab and crab flesh finalize the design.

5, carapace seeing crab by blue erubescent hind, lift a lid, join a few oyster sauce to break up fry, remainLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
fresh Tian Qifang fries divide evenly to be able to give boiler into boiler.

Tian Qixie eats was opposite just have good effect

3, cropland of potato silk boil in water for a while 7

Advocate makings: Potato, carrot, new field 7

Complementary makings: Garlic 4 valve, cropland is 7 200 grams, salt, unripe smoke, sweet vinegar, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili paragraph, balm

1, potato and carrot cut into shreds respectively, also can brush silk with eraser, garlic cuts end;

2, turn on the water in boiler and a few dribble and a few salt, silk of be buried beans and carrot silk are put after water leaves, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Very hot when becoming transparent a little to color rapid fish out, put cool; of the dip in cool boiled water. . .

4, new field the appropriate crowd of 7

New field 7 mouthfeel are very pretty good, and, new field the nutrient value of 7 is very high also, it also gets accordingly everybody’s welcome. So, new field 7 be appropriate each individual edible? Below, we will introduce new field the appropriate crowd of 7!

Average person is fit edible is fresh cropland 7, as a result of new field 7 have fall blood pressure and fall the action of hematic fat, because this is fresh cropland is 7 appropriate hypertension, tall hematic fat and anaemic crowd edible, constitution power of frail, immunity is low the crowd is appropriate also edible is fresh cropland 7, new field 7 have the effect that maintains health of heart head blood-vessel, the white-collar personage with disease patient and life because this heart head is hemal fast rhythm is appropriate also edible is fresh cropland 7. But, fresh Tian Qibi belongs capable person of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine unexpectedly, still have certain side effect to human body so, accordingly, edible of discretion of proposal pregnant woman.

5, edible is fresh cropland the note of 7

Enjoying cate is good admittedly, but, in edible cate when have a lot of notes, same, edible is fresh 7 also have field a lot of notes. Below, we understand together.

1, the person that the body belongs Xuhan notices observation is used please, or need not, because of new field 7 sexes belong to cool sex to have aggravating effect to Xu Hanzhi disease, have some of person for instance one edible is fresh cropland 7 catch a cold, snorty.

2, female menstruation had better not be used, menstruation this cannot food of edible cool sex, together with is fresh 7 have field the intention that invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, cause period easily haemorrhage is overmuch, but if have hematic Yu period,do not move, it is OK to use fresh Tian Qihua invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu to recuperate menstruation.

3, do not use during cold cool cold, because,also be new field 7 sexes are cool, have the effect of accentuation cool feeling.

4, pregnant woman does not use any field as far as possible 7 products, it is same that this does not take medicine with pregnant woman, for the sake of lest be opposite fetal influential, but postpartum enrich the blood cropland 7 be highest grade. New field breaks anaemia of courage and uprightness 77 pairs to have wonderful effect.