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Article introduction

Lardy Shang Tuan peaceful wave of Zhejiang of this cate traceable, had had 700 old histories to todayShanghai Long Feng forum

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, this cate is already popular now in countrywide each district, this cate oil is sweet 4 excessive, taste glutinous and not be bored with, special tastily, get so of people love, be in area of Zhejiang peaceful wave, almost every person has the habit that has this cate, of course its nutrition value is very high also.

How is lardy Shang Tuan done? Such doing had better eat!

One, practice

Shang Tuan, original name Yuanxiao, it is to point to the festival of lanterns formerly. Old times is awaited, the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 15 it is the festival of lanterns, also make yuan of night. Shang Tuan names with Yuanxiao, face of traceable the Sui Dynasty. According to legend, emperor of Yang of the Sui Dynasty is in the Christian era 610 years of the first month of the lunar year 15 that day night, stage singing and dancing is built in Luoyang ” and civilian with happy ” , use the dumpling of sincere, candy is scattered in soup, grant liege He Geji to make behind schedule edible. Because this day is Yuanxiao night fitly, friend name ” Yuanxiao ” . This kind isLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The food that people likes is passed to Ning Bo, the course develops for a long time, improve stage by stage, just form the Ning Bo that pink of water mill polished glutinous rice embeds lardy stuffing now gradually Shang Tuan’s peculiar special flavor.

How is lardy Shang Tuan done? Such doing had better eat!

2, nutrient value

Guest of hole of Lv of 8 holes immortal is in fokelore spring March, change an old man that sells Shang Tuan peddles in the west lake. Xu Xian ate Lv Dongbin’s Shang Tuan, not careful, the smooth smooth ” of ” of a Shang Tuan boils fall west lake, was swallowed to eat by white snake, white snake became celestial being, form a couple with Xu Xian. Fabulous, be monarched to be ” after ” of the Opium War of Ning Bo ” port of ” of 5 have trade relations, large quantities of foreigner afflux peaceful wave, they ate Ning Bo lardy Shang Xuan is round, be in with pleasure, rounded to this snow-white the Shang Tuan with soft sweet glutinous produced interest, generated question, always do again and again do not understand, this soup round stuffing child it is how to be embedded go in. Group of peaceful wave soup already had more than 700 years of histories. Because the department uses water mill method to make starch of wear of polished glutinous rice, reason is called againShanghai noble baby

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Make round ” of soup of ” condole oar.

How is lardy Shang Tuan done? Such doing had better eat!

3, lardy Shang Tuan / more practice

1. fries sesame seed sweet, wait for completely cold hit into powder together with white sugar truly.

2. is joined lardy.

3. mixes all become a group.

Ground rice of Ji of 4. water mill is added water is mixedShanghai is handed in to touching with the city1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Round, soft extortionary and proper.

5. becomes dough rub, cent becomes a certain number of portions, every about 10g.

6. you also can break up stuffing makings small portion, convenient bag stuffingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, every about 5g.

7. takes a small dough, press one fossa, put inter of makings of a stuffing.

8. mediate is together, grasp a few times, gently rub is round.

9. is ordinal had done all.