The lofty spirit of a nation that holy younger brother controls elder brother to take your dug night for which kinds 3 pairs of princely secrets

 The gut of black mood series is all along already baronial mysterious, if you are not emperor of a detail, there still are a lot of stories that you know not quite in black mood necessarily so. ” dark soul 3 ” do you play gut understood? Make the plot of a play that wants a list be worth everybody to go very much originally dug, the story of firewood fire according to legend unusual also shock, believe below this video can help everybody comb the doubt among next gut. The story is analytic double prince (Luosilike is princely) with the person that found a state, a curse that tells about twin prince, and the influence of the person that Luosilike founds a state to of the royal blood inheritance, this or pull drag in Mu spy, Cass to the husband, and Andier, go together story of hidden of dug game backside.