” Forbes ” : X86 accredit makes high-tech strategy merits and virtues of China satisfactory

AMD announced Xiang Qi issues patent of X86 of authorization of Chinese joint-stock company a few days ago, this technology is considered as the gem on AMD and Intel imperial crown all the time. To this, ” Forbes ” magazine network edition is written civil say, this trades a new strategy is started before indicating the climax China of strategy of a high-tech is in a China 10 years, realize a technology to transfer through establishing joint-stock company with foreign company, develop property of native science and technology, this strategy lets China obtain the great skill capability such as processor of mobile technology, memory, network, ARM in succession, and newest the strategic works that reached X86 accredit agreement lets China is satisfactory, won industry of science and technology almost all main techniques.

Two days ago, AMD announces as smooth as Tianjin sea advanced technique invests limited company (subordinate of Chinese Academy of Sciences invests a branch) establish joint-stock company, at the same time to patent of X86 of this joint-stock company authorization, develop the server chip that sells in Chinese market only. Sense of this action it may be said is great, it is a new page that China turns over in technical capability respect not merely, still indicating the climax of strategy of a high-tech of Chinese.

Begin from 2005 about, leader layer of China begins exert oneself deploy a strategy, mix in order to make the core intellectual property in control mobile phone, PC, server, chip and other and main technique. At that time, on one hand network equipment company China enter an international market to had proved its can be hit, wait for old brand with Cisco people wait to contend for relative superiority or inferiority.

On the other hand, china is bearing all the time however the name is DVD mistake (The DVD Mistake) anguish. Alleged DVD is wrong, it is to show the exists generally profit in industry of science and technology allocates disequilibrium phenomenon. At that time, chinese company monopoly the production of global DVD product, but in the pocket that the gain with major industry runs to owner of foreign intellectual property however, they establish occupation standard, next to Chinese company authorization.

The Niu Zhisheng that assistant dean of academy of sciences of Tsinghua university information holds the post of when ever said to the author 2007: We must be developed have a level oneself, such our ability own his property.

And main problem is all the time, how can ability achieve this one goal? At first, chinese company tries to make have a product oneself, for instance Long Xin. The CEO before occupying rare triumph company Bierwotejinsi (Bill Watkins) say, commercial garden area of China tries to pass basic and free plant facilities and tremendous taxation privilege to attract western company at that time.

However, what reverse condition truly is joint-stock company however. China establishs joint-stock company to realize technical move and control through the foreign company that precedes with the market, these foreign companies are facing financial pressure normally. It is to compare famous cooperative case in recent years below:

2015, HP evaluate 2.2 billion dollar, the server below the banner and memory group the equity carry out of 51% grants violet light of Tsinghua of company of Tsinghua university subordinate. At present, two companies are through the name China 3 communication (H3C) joint-stock company sells industry technology to Chinese client. When come to an agreement, in the financial difficult position that HP is in hardship.

November 2015, the whole world is famous hard disk manufacturer western violet light of data and Tsinghua establishs joint-stock company, develop and system of all of technology of sale computer software, computer science department, information and solution. Although violet light was exited western data buys Shan Di of hard disk manufacturer trade, but its are right western the interest of data did not change.

2014, company of science and technology of grand core electron obtains the Cheng in Suzhou IBM accredit, production is based on the server chip of IBM Power framework.

Still have in addition: Microsoft and company of group of Chinese electron science and technology cooperate, ; connects the Windows 10 system that develops native land edition high to establish a company in Guizhou, develop and sell server chip.

The place that still a need reminds is, it is isolated that the happening that these trading is not. Rich Ao Ke of Kitty of analyst of IDC of market research firm (Kitty Fok) point out, in these trading, exist mostly identical the form of a few orgnaizations: Group of group of science and technology of electron of Tsinghua university, China, Chinese electron Information Industry and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

To tycoons of American science and technology, this is not a good news of course. China still is the whole world the biggest and add fast one of markets of the sharpest science and technology. According to the data of IDC, the server amount that Alibaba purchased last year comparatives with Brazilian whole nation even. However the bad news is, china buys the home people emerging to native land supplier in a large-scale. 2011, the network that foreign company holds China, server, PC and smartphone market 69% to the 81% portion that differ (by trade value is calculated) . And arrived 2015, its share dropped 36% to 49% . No matter this kind of change is,apply by the government press be caused by also or because price element is abiogenesis,be, it happened namely.

Actually you can say, AMD announces this trades the strategic works that lets China is satisfactory. Careful statistic before this these all trading you can discover, chinese company had acquired processor of the technology of technical knowledge shift that makes almost all product, memory, network, ARM. Alone can says is global great majority the China of X86 chip technology of PC and server technology base did not master. Although AMD is presiding abundant of apparitor Su Zi (Lisa Su) did not define, but she expresses in telephone conference really, accredit agreement will involve X86 technology.

Chinese near future reachs these trading will right SamSung, Intel, western the package manufacturer such as data people pose a challenge. To these companies, their port technology knowledge and know how to be built with operation the most complex production factory is disappearing quickly it seems that.