Sharp-eyed player discovers ” whole area blocks ” doubt is like brand-new map of shady area DLC

The fire net that Yo greens jade swims ” whole area blocks ” attracted many player play, success of 24 hours of sales also is broken by ” watchdog ” the record of creation. Players discovered many hidden secret and painted eggshell in the new York city with this reductive height, again an abroad player published a photograph on forum recently, the DLC map that will be henceforth it seems that it seems that?

When this player is having the job, discovered below the large map in the picture, from the point of the map, it is current ” whole area blocks ” urban map, different is, pursue on the area of maize frame. Through this piece the map also can see, above by clear sign shady area, do not know whether this is meant next Yo green jade rolls out first the name is dispute ” does whole area block ” does DLC lock up solution this area?