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Bringing about the reason that pustule sore grows on the body basically is bacterial infection, and major patient is golden colorShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Grape coccus infection causes, very apparent, those bodies are frail the person with very poor resistance, the capacity that the body resists the bacterium is invaded is insufficient, so this kind of crowd grows pustule sore more easily, the case is severe, the likelihood returns meeting occurrence body calorific symptom, so it how should sore of senior worthless fellow treat ability on the body is good how should sore of senior worthless fellow treat ability on the body?

How does sore of senior worthless fellow do on the body?

How does sore of senior worthless fellow do on the body?

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Medicine is treated on the west

(1) systemic cure: Extensive to leather damage, companion has calorific or lymph node is phlogistic person, can give sulphanilamide medicine or antibiotic preparation.

(2) local cure: With antiseptic, diminish inflammation, stop urticant, dry for the principle. The person that blister wall was not defeated but outside put on the skin lotion of calamine of 1% camphor, 10% brimstone, daily number second. BlisterShanghai night net is talkedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The wall is broken already form erosion surface or scabby person, can altogether with O.1% benefit first Nuo solution wet apply, the external use after apply O.5% neomycin ointment or ointment of Sha Xing of third of more than 100 state ointment, annulus, yi Ke uses 2% gentian solution.

How does sore of senior worthless fellow do on the body?

Medicine is treated in

(1) inside administer a law: Disease sees pustular all round have phlogistic sex blush, scab of pus of knot of the debaucjed after defeating,

Can accompany calorific, thirsty, offer slow-witted, do make water to fizzle out, tongue red, liver mosses is thin yellow, arteries and veinsForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Slippery number. Disease belongs to lobar stomach damp and hot, poisonous evil of diseases caused by external factors.

Administer a law: Clear hot alexipharmic advantage is wet.

Square medicine: Dandelion 10 grams, ground is fourth 10 grams, mother chrysanthemum 10 grams, honeysuckle 10 grams, Huang Qin 10 grams, virgin soil 10 grams, lustre have diarrhoea is 10 grams, steatitic 30 grams (bag decoct) , unripe licorice 6 grams.

(2) outside administer a law

① flexibly golden after coming loose to be moved with cool tea outside affected part of put on the skin.

② purslane joins 30 grams 30 grams, painstakingly, affected part of wet apply of water simmer in water.

③ comes loose topsy-turvy (Chinese rhubarb, brimstone the portion such as each) the put on the skin outside lotion.

How does sore of senior worthless fellow do on the body?

Prevent with take good care of sb

1. popularizes wholesome education, be opposite especially hold in the palm, the nursery governess of place, nursery school, kindergarden teacher, in case this disease is popular.

2. notices clean sanitation, often clip fingernail, diligent wash one’s hands, diligent bathe, change clothes frequently.

3. protection skin is complete, although the skin has extremely petty damaged, also should besmear in time some of merbromin or gentian, affect in case. If eczema, bug bites the skin disease of Sao urticant sex such as dermatitis, should inchoate and active cure, avoid by all means is scratched catch. In hot summer days, prevent Fei to treat Fei to have important sense to preventing this disease.

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Have come on should keep apart cure in time, close disinfection.