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Clinical cure is to have two kinds of methods commonly, the first kind of method medications namely, the 2nd kind of method becomes an operation namely. Especially a few organs inside the body appeared pathological changes, necessary when should have operation operation, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Allow to go down by illness development otherwise, final illness is met not only heavier and heavier, other organs get possibly also embroil. So the issue came, is black of the defecate after the operation why?

Is black of the defecate after the operation why?

Color of the defecate after the operation is nigrescent, the proposal removes the issue that whether bleeds for enteron above all, if be enteron to go outFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Blood, the proposal gives medicaments to alleviate symptom, the reason that perfects gastric bowel lens to make clear enteron to bleed when necessary

Defecate black is why

The first, a few food that in living at ordinary times, eat can bring about the defecate color of eduction to present black. The pig blood with for instance deeper color or ovine blood, still the beef that is red and pork liver wait, make the defecate color of eduction blackens likely after people edible, because the iron element in animal blood is in what the vulcanization iron place that is changed into black brings about inside path of human body bowel,this is.

Is black of the defecate after the operation why?

The 2nd, if bowel or the have a bowel movement that circumstance of gastric ministry occurrence haemorrhage also can cause eduction is black. If appear this kind of circumstance, can go to a hospital having more thorough examination.

The 3rd, the multitude that has enteron disease may the defecate of eduction black. Enteron disease is human body eduction black the most general and common cause, for example sex of gastritis of haemorrhoid, acute, haemorrhage is necrotic sexual small enteritis is waited a moment, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Some the disease can bring about human body eduction black.

Is black of the defecate after the operation why?

When the enteron of human body interior, for instance when the occurrence haemorrhage circumstance such as intestines and stomach, the iron in haemoglobin becomes branch to form vulcanization iron inside alvine path, the defecate darkly that brings about eduction thereby is lubricious. So, when the defecate of eduction is black, want what cankerous disease brings about to consider this not only, notice to have even at the same time butForum of Shanghai night net

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Can be afore-mentioned enteronLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Disease place brings about.