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Article introduction

A lot of friends did not care about mammary health, because feel the breast can appear without the disease, but the breast also is the place that need has for a long time paying close attention to, because mammary disease also is very much, for instance sex of bursa of mammary gland of mammary gland fibroma, compact sex, mammary gland or flocculus hyperplasia are waited a moment, these are the diseases that the breast sees more quite, and common symptom also is can nugget appears.

 Mammary lower part has nugget

The breast has nugget 5 likelihood

Before discussing possibility, small make up say method of accurate mammary self check with everybody first.

Correct breast checks:

The palm when feeling should be made the same score extend, 4 point to and approach, the terminal that uses the most sensitive index finger, middle finger, ring finger shows the abdomen presses order of light touch breast outside on, outside below, inside below, inside on area, finally is dizzy area of the tit among the breast and breast. Not usable finger is caught when the examination hold mammary gland to organize, meet otherwise catch the mammary gland that holds to organize mistake to be nugget.

The illness with mammary gland the most serious side is breast cancer, this general nugget is irregular, attrib border not clear, character is stronger, grow rate is rapid, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Be driven not easily. And, the change that companion has the skin to go up, cave, color change.

If these circumstances do not have discovery, the breast has nugget, be aboutLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The consideration is below these 5 kinds of circumstances.

 Mammary lower part has nugget

1, it is compact sex mammary gland

The breast can divide for 3 kinds of types: Mammary gland is compact model, adipose model, among mix model. BreastForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Gland holds mammary great majority, for mammary gland compact model; is adipose the great majority that holds mammary gland, for adipose model; gland body and adipose interposeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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At before two model between, for among mix model. They are normal type, nevertheless this needs mammary X light to just can identify commonly, self check does not go out.

Compact model mammary gland is young female constant some type, compact model state gland body part is more merely. And, as the accretion of the age, mammary gland organization can be replaced by adipose organization gradually. Be in especially menopause later period, the breast of major female can become adipose model.

Mammary gland organization is a good thing, this is sample of larger a disc inside the breast, can be caught with the hand normally or hold. So, occasionally you feel mammary nugget, just be the area with normal raised mammary gland. If not be to catch,hold, the way that just drives feels nugget, require bring to sb’s attention.

2, it is adenoma of mammary gland fiber

The culprit of nugget of the commonnest a kind of breast is adenoma of mammary gland fiber, concern with the unbalance of sex hormone level inside patient system, main show is the epithelial tissue of mammary gland and fibre to be able to produce different rateA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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proliferous phenomenon. Good hair at 20 ~ 39 years old of Yo between age female, because the female of this age is ovarian the function is exuberant, sex hormone also is in mobile period

Keenly feel of adenoma of mammary gland fiber is not apparent also, do not pass an examination to be discovered very hard. Nugget grows slow, it is single shot sex more, can be inside the breast a side or two side, nugget shows a circle or elliptic, hardness is like nose needle, the surface is flowing, mix with the skin all round the organization is not had stick couplet, border is clear, easy drive, feel tenacity is good, size is about inside 3 centimeters of diameters, exceed 5 centimeters rarely.

Adenoma of mammary gland fiber is more benign, also require much attention nevertheless. If you felt many fiber adenoma, and they have growth of more apparent continuity, affect your mammary exterior and figure possibly, need to ask cure looks to whether need to excise.

3, sex of mammary gland bursa or flocculus hyperplasia

Disease of hyperplasia of sex of mammary gland bursa is with little vessel of mammary gland flocculus and extreme conduit the cyst that high dilate forms is a feature, companion has mammary gland structure the disease of undesirable pathological changes. Middleaged woman sees more, often be in know exactly about sth of two side breast the more callous section that size differs, border is not quite clear, can produce ache, menstrual early days is painful more apparent.

Disease of bursa sex mammary gland causes nugget to compare danger, compare with common mammary gland hyperplasia, the mammary gland proliferation that disease of mammary gland of fiber bursa sex causes and not typical hyperplasia are concomitant, have evil the danger that change, should regard the pathological changes before cancer as, should cause take seriously.

 Mammary lower part has nugget

4, it is mammary gland shallow phlebitis

Mammary phlebitis also calls pectoral wall phlebitis, it is more all round the breast form thrombus sex phlebitis, this disease is scarcer. Shallow vein of sicken limbs watch shows all alone strip suddenly or columnar, meshy strut, pathological changes vein is organized red or oedema, local skin temperature rise is fast, stroke reachs hot feeling, tenderness and tenderness are apparent, limbs activity suffers be restricted, react all over constant lighter, low-grade fever is unwell.

Underwear dress is undeserved and OK oppressive shallow vein, form thrombus sex phlebitis. Mammary phlebitis prognosis is good, need not medication specially, hot compress or physiotherapy can be adopted after coming on, get effective very quickly. Few number patient can cause skin ulcer even fester infection.

5, the normal phenomenon that special period appears

The female is before maternal aunt advent, much meeting has a breast to bilge the full, phenomenon that sends hard, tenderness. Breast of the person that weigh suffers slight shake to move or collision can bilge painful afflictive. This is normal, the estrogen level heighten inside the body before female classics, mammary gland can have proliferation, the organization between the breast can change oedema.

After average period will perhaps be received, can disappear. The breast that this kind of special period appears has nugget, need not worry too.

So, although breast cancer is terrible, but not all nugget is adumbrative breast cancer. Everybody wants at ordinary times often self check, discover the breast has nugget not to worry too, observation has a case, take hospital examination immediately, must as soon as possible prevents oh.

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Can do health care of a few breasts to hold at ordinary times, perhaps go to beauty parlour doing mammary gland dredge and maintain, can avoid the happening of mammary disease, the woman is about to love her well!