[gastric bowel decompression is in charge of] – of particular procedure of _ of _ operation measure

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The gastric bowel of human bodyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Often incidental disease problem, but choose remedial method each are not identical, and the dietary structure that gastric bowel disease should notice to improve his. So be in charge of through gastric bowel decompression is a first-rate project. And a very necessary project also often is in the life. What must notice so is disease happening later, how can have made each pace inspection specificly. Is so canal of gastric bowel decompression how use?

 Gastric bowel decompression is in charge of

Gastric bowel decompression is the stomach the canal is inserted from oral cavity or nasal cavity, join is one-time gastric bowel pressure regulator, suck in negative pressure and rainbow formerShanghai Long Feng forum

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make gastric content content derivative below action a kind of method outside patient system. This method can absorb the gas inside gastric bowel path or liquid, reduce force of internal pressure of gastric bowel path, reduce gastric bowel to expand degree, improve circulation of blood of gastric bowel wall, the refreshment of the heal of cut of stimulative stomach ministry and function. 2, the preparation before the operation

1. explains the purpose of gastric bowel decompression, method and note to patient and family member, obtain the put in order of patient and family memberSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Solution and cooperate.

The daylighting inside 2. ward is good, lukewarm, humidity is appropriate, configuration protects the curtain of privacy or screen.

 Gastric bowel decompression is in charge of

Operation method

1. opens steam vent, discharge the gas inside gastric bowel pressure regulator clean, make pressure regulator of one-time stomach bowel assumes negative pressure position, shut steam vent.

2. joins gastric bowel pressure regulator the stomach provides terminal.

3. opens switch of gastric bowel pressure regulator, show negative pressure to draw position.

4. secures drainage pipe. 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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5. is in 5cm of extreme of gastric bowel pressure regulatorForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Be in stickup conduit label.

6. is arranged with content, assist a patient to take comfortable lie, explain photograph of gastric bowel decompression to involve a note, notice to observe complication.

 Gastric bowel decompression is in charge of


1. spile movement is gentle, in the stomach the canal passes food stricture to be in, avoid to injure esophagus mucous membrane.

Like patient happening choke coughs in 2. spile process, breathing difficulty, cyanosis, answer to pull out gastric canal instantly, rest moment reinserts again.

Pressure regulator of 3. stomach bowel and gastric canal connection are close, time extruding drainage is in charge of.